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Mind Mastery Mentorship Program

Brand New! The Mind Mastery Mentorship program begins in January. Sign up now!


  • Staying in close connection with E&S - you become your environment
  • Increased accountability for continued self-development
  • Better understanding of self, leading to increased self-respect
  • Life transformation beyond the physical
  • Knowing how to invite more positivity into your life
  • Better control of your thoughts, resulting in better control of your actions and life
  • Developing courage and busting through nonsense, made up fears
  • Creating ultimate confidence and trust in yourself
  • 1 monthly interactive zoom call discussion (book-reading analysis with E&S)
  • Quick, bite-size action steps after each call
  • Post-call email recap with action steps included
  • Those who are wanting to continue becoming more self-aware
  • Those who have a hard time intentionally learning more about themselves
  • Those who struggle with perfectionism or making decisions
  • Those who know they need to make difficult decisions, but resist them
  • Those who want to have a better understanding of how to be more positive in trying circumstances
Not for:
  • Those who have eliminated doubt from their mind
  • Those who are no longer disabled by their limiting beliefs


  • Starting Jan. 31st
  • Calls on the last Tuesday of every month at 5pm EST
  • All calls recorded and kept in your ES Army member area
  • Post-call email recap with action steps included

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