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Erin & Sarit's Peak Physique 180

This program was designed for high performers who are looking to take their body and discipline to the next level.

This program was designed to be completed in 182 days, as long as you, the participant follows through with your climb consistently.

The climb may take you longer should you lack follow through in any of the steps. Every step matters and every step builds on top of itself. 

You cannot cheat your way to the peak and if you do, you only cheat yourself.

There are no shortcuts to the peak, just like there are no shortcuts to success.

To climb to the Peak you go through 4 phases:

Phase 1 – Bootcamp: 14 day climb

Phase 2 – The Base, 28 day climb

Phase 3 – The Ascent, 56 day climb

Phase 4 – The Peak, 84 day climb

By completing all 4 phases of the Peak Physique 180 in a congruent, consistent fashion (no stops and go’s), you’d make it to the Peak. 

Once there, you can determine whether you choose to live your life as a Peak Way Of Life.