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Erin & Sarit's RAWkin Body Transformation Program

A streamable 8-week training program rebuilt from the ground up to overcome the obstacles that make us regain weight after we lose it.

The RAWkin’ Body Transformation combines 8 weeks of up-to-date teaching sessions, Q&A videos, and a real-time coaching team to keep you on track, motivated and supported in your journey to ultimate body transformation success. There’s never been a better
on-demand course to learn and develop the complete habits of the fittest, healthiest people walking planet earth.

    How This Mentorship Will Help You Succeed

    • Erin & Sarit… That’s us!! We’re two of the most real and trusted online mentors in the weight loss and body transformation industry, and we’re honored to be your guide for the next 8 weeks.

    • NEW! Updated Curriculum - Never-before-seen coaching sessions with clear weekly intentions for easy-to-follow actions week by week.

    • NEW! Meal Prep Videos - Detailed instructions for how to cook world-class meals in your own kitchen via step-by-step video guidance.

    • NEW! Pocket Coaching - Short, motivational audio messages several times per week to keep you on the wagon and overcome any obstacle that tries to get between you and your goals. 

    • Weekly action items - to practice the strategy you learned in the weekly teaching session and to hold you accountable to help you reach your goals.

    • LIVE Coaching - Our certified coaching team is in the group for daily support, motivation, and guidance to help answer your questions as they come up!

    • Community Support - Half the power of this program is the friendships and connections you will make along the way. We’re stronger together!

    • 2 Bonus Weeks in the platform in case you get off to a slow start or have any hiccups along the way.


    How Does The RAWkin’ Body Transformation Program Work?

    Twice a year Erin & Sarit teach a live, 8-week mentorship called The RAW Transformation Mentorship.

    But for students who are looking for an option that better suits their schedule — or who are currently unable to invest the full $1,997 — we also offer The RAWkin’ Body Transformation Program.

    It contains the same training videos and course materials as the RAW Transformation Mentorship (via recordings) but without the direct access to Erin & Sarit that the mentorship provides, and at the discounted price of $997 (Right now, and from this page ONLY, you get 75% off and only pay $497).

    What's great about the RAWkin’ Body Transformation is you don't have to wait for a new semester to begin; you can start right away.

    Once you sign up, you will be granted immediate access to the RBTP members area where the week 1 strategy session and Q&A recording will be waiting for you.

    From there, you can go at your own pace.

    Each week, you will receive the next training recording along with any resources, bonus lessons and Q&As. With no live calls to attend and no risk of missing any sessions. You will also have 2 extra bonus weeks to the platform so you can take your time and absorb all the material before moving on to the next lesson